Bedroom redux

We redecorated our bedroom and put in a new-ish dresser. It's made of real wood which is kind of unique for us Ikea kids.

I love all the cutesy stuff, like my little collection of kitty things. For a long time I tried to hide that part of me, I thought I couldn't be thirty with Hello Kitty on my nightstand. Then I realized that's bullshit and decided to just have the things I love on display.

Our house is full of vintage toys and animal figurines, cute Japanese canisters, and lots of color and flowers. Our linens rarely match and the kitchen is full of cookie jars. It's a little cluttered, but bright and it's set up for us more than for a party (although we do have a pretty good bar). I love our style, it's ours, and it's unique.

So yeah. I'm not worrying about what people will think of our place...well trying not to. I'm embracing the things I love and the way I want to live rather than judging it or trying to make it fit into some silly standard. I hope you can do this too, it's so freeing and nice to be true to myself.

What do you think about where you live? Is it set up for the way you like to live? What is something you love about your place?

xx, C


  1. I looove your adorable Hello Kitty! Own that side of you. :) I think it's great. Also, such great pics and such a cozy looking house!

    My house is a work in progress, but it's looking like we will move soon. So forever a work in progress. That's okay, though. Someday I will get to the place I really want to be with my house!

  2. So glad you decided to keep Hello Kitty. I'm 48 and I still sleep with a stuffed animal in the bed with me every night. You are never too old to desire comfort and warmth and feelings of safety. Your home is lovely and bright, I am envious!

    1. I love that you still sleep with a stuffed animal! Snuggly things are the best.

  3. "Then I realized that's bullshit and decided to just have the things I love on display." Goddamn right!! :)

    I find your style to be quite interesting. Eclectic, somewhat old fashioned and quaint, with a few edgy things thrown in here and there… it reminds me of an old lady house, actually, but in the best possible way. Safe, cozy, filled with a thousand stories and memories, and old ladies like what they like, dammit, and they surround themselves with that.

    If I had a choice, I would change many things about our house, such as the furniture and decorations, etc. However, I *do* like our home very much, because it is a reflection of "us" and who we are. Definitely. There is no pretentiousness here, just us and what we use on a daily basis. We don't really have clutter. Not only do we not have room for it, but Corey never gathered many things (just not his personality), and I had to streamline my possessions many, many times over the past 7 or 8 years, most of the time being able to fit everything I owned in my car. If it didn't fit, I had to go through and get rid of stuff again until it did all fit, including clothes and shoes! I'm actually really surprised that I kept my sewing machine this entire time… but I guess I knew that if I got rid of it I was not going to be able to afford to get another one for a very, very long time.

    Hey, btw, did you guys get hit with that earthquake at all? I've been thinking of you and worried about you.

    1. Ron felt the earthquake, but I slept through it! We weren't super close to the epicenter. Nothing damaged for us. I am so afraid of having a big earthquake and getting trapped in our house. Kind of ridiculous...

      I know what you mean about a grandma's house. I do kind of have that style, and you saying that is a compliment for sure. ;)

      Sounds like you have moved a lot. But I so agree with you that home should be a place to help you live your daily life. That really is all it is. We've organized this year and it has improved our lives so much!

    2. I completely forgot to say--- omg your heart magic wand! Squeeeee! I love it!

  4. "For a long time I tried to hide that part of me, I thought I couldn't be thirty with Hello Kitty on my nightstand. Then I realized that's bullshit and decided to just have the things I love on display."

    YES. Yes. Fucking yes.

    I love your room! It's such a little sanctuary/oasis. It's just magical. That is what I need to do in my house. Our bedroom has become a cluttered dumping ground (so has the rest of the house, but it bothers me most in the bedroom, which is as great a place to start de-cluttering as any). This is great! ...and I'm glad you're keeping your "cutesy" things. It's you, and you're wonderful. Absolutely your house should be all you. (I should probably get my KISS action figures back into the sunshine again, come to think of it.... )


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