marigolds are dreamy

Hi Loves,

It's morning and R and I are camped out in the living room with the pups. I feel tired and sore (went for a walk yesterday and my fibro is not at all happy about it). Today (and the weekend) is for home projects. We have so much to do and our main project now is setting up one of our spare rooms as a dressing room for me. I'm really excited but even more overwhelmed.

The room hasn't been painted since probably the 60s when the house was first built. I know...it's gross. Oh, but we are painting the room pale pink (hooray!). We have lived here for six years but those rooms have never been a priority. We have been too busy putting in air conditioning, new electrical, windows/doors, and renovating the main living space. This house is crazy...that's kind of all I can say. I both love it and hate it because all the things we need to do are constantly on my mind. It's exhausting.

But then I adore the house. We live in an awesome area, I really love the parts we have renovated, I love how we live beneath a hill all tucked away, and it's ours which is really a great feeling.

Having the little container garden outside has really helped this year. I love looking out the kitchen window at all my plants, and taking care of them. I've probably talked about gardening too much on here, but I love it! Also, I realized this week that Marigolds smell absolutely dreamy.

This week I spent a lot of time at my little French cafe' writing and drinking fresh lemonade. I organized like a champ, did all the laundry (so unlike me), and watched Jaws and Alfred Hitchcock movies.

What did you do this week?

Love, C


  1. "Talked too much about gardening"-- no such thing! :)

    1. Ha! I know! I want so want this book about Beatrix Potter's gardens! Have you heard of it? http://www.amazon.com/Beatrix-Potters-Gardening-Life-Childrens/dp/1604693630/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1404570254&sr=1-3&keywords=gardening+stories

    2. Nope! Looks interesting, though :)

  2. That café you mention makes me itchy to get out and do some of the same. I love having "your own" little local (indie) café to work in. It makes things more special.

    I love that you get a dressing room! That is badass. Hope the organizing for that is going well! Happy weekend. :)

    1. You need to go to a cafe' to write, Kim! It's so nice to get out of our normal surroundings. I just feel lighter when I'm there and like I can think more clearly. :)

      The cafe' I go to isn't really indie, there are a few others, but I still love it.

      Yeah, no clue how I am lucky enough to be getting a dressing room! I guess that is the one benefit of not having kids (even thought I would have them in a second if we could!).



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