habits and rabbits


I've been tilling and planting habits like there's no tomorrow. I'm at a place where I have enough energy to think of more than surviving. It is pretty fantastic. I thought I would share a few of the habits I've been developing.

1. Always do the kindest thing-

This is something that I actually love doing. It isn't always easy, but I try to show the people around me love all the time. I do this often with strangers. When at the market I ask if someone needs help, or drop of an elderly persons cart for them. I also try to do this with my friends and family. I send and email or note, show up when I say I will (as much as I am able), and really listen and do my best to understand and support.

2. Be present-

This is super hard for me. I am a genius at staying distracted (something I've used as a coping mechanism for years), so being here, right now, is so hard. I think of where I am and just take in my surroundings and experience, I remind myself that in that moment I am ok. I try to do it once a day. Sometimes it's a total fail, but sometimes it works. Today it is a fail as I sat in the cafe' with my mint tea and looked out the window...all I could think of was blogging!

3. Healthy living-

I have cut a lot of carbs and sugar from my diet. I've lost some weight but more importantly I feel a lot more energetic. We only have dessert once a week and I don't really snack. Snacking works for a lot of people, but it just makes me ravenous. I eat three meals a day, and stay hydrated. I also go for walks when my pain level allows. Something I really need to do more. I love walking and want to jog one day.

4. Do-

I'm a great planner. I can write lists and plan elaborately and wonderfully. The thing is, I suck at actually doing the thing I am planning. The word 'implement' has been floating around in my head and I am realizing I have to do in order to live the life I want. It's been working too! I am writing a lot, I have submitted two poems in hope of getting published, and I am gardening like a fool (a happy fool).

5. Simple living-

R and I are doing a giant purge of our house. We are simplifying so much and it feels great! The more I get rid of, the more I realize I don't actually need. On the weekend R and I usually work on a home project, and once a week I do a house walk through where I grab anything I don't love and put it in a donate box. I just don't want to have anything in our house that we don't love. I'm also simplifying my beauty routine (goodbye concealer!), our finances, and my wardrobe.


So this is progress and it is so nice to be moving forward. What are some of your good habits? What are some habits you want to make or break?

Love, C


  1. Your blog is always inspiring to me. It's just straight forward "live life" and it's wonderful.

    I am right there with you on the "doing." I love to plan. I'm great at planning and dreaming. I am awful at doing. I need to start doing more.

    1. Thanks Kim! What are some of the things you are wanting to do? I would love to hear!

    2. Awh. <3 Thank you for being interested. Honestly? I would love to start setting aside some time, at least once a week, for me. Real, quality time. Not snippets here and there. I would love to get some writing projects done, and I would love to make some actual headway on a few reading and research projects. :)


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