weekend drive

Hi Loves!

The weekend was pretty blue for me. On Saturday I couldn't shake my melancholy so R took me on an evening drive up to Mount Diablo State Park. We live right across from it and can see it from our house. It's gorgeous! I can't believe we live in such a beautiful area. Spring and Autumn are the most beautiful. The hills get so green in the Spring (as you can see) and it's breathtaking. We live at the base of one of the hills you see in the distance. 

During the drive we rolled the windows down and I started to feel more hopeful and excited about life. Once home we watched a movie and tried a new bourbon we picked up on the way home. 

Yesterday we met with a gardener. Our front and backyard are not landscaped, and are full of Spring weeds, old bushes, dead plants, and breaking brick pathways. It drives me completely crazy! The gardener is coming over Sunday and is going to clean up both our front and backyards, including pulling out all of the plants and bushes in both yards. I am so freaking excited!!!!

I will take some before and after pictures to show the process. After this we will have some trees to tear out, and then moving forward with a new design and landscape!

More soon, dolls!


  1. Photos are absolutely gorgeous!! Hope you are starting to feel a bit better now xoxo Stay strong! x

    1. Thanks Tam! I am starting to feel better...hooray!

      Sending love, C


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