my little red set of books

Hi Sweets!

Thanks for all your notes on my last post! Things are still up and down for me mood wise but I'm trying to not let it stop me from living life.

I have always wanted to go to this adorable pink painted used bookstore in Monterey, but it seemed we would always forget to stop in. R and I finally went while we were vacationing on my birthday weekend. This store was so packed with books, it was a little crazy. It's smaller than it looks from the outside and books seriously reach up to the ceiling. Let's just say, I wouldn't want to be in this place during an earthquake!

I looked in the natural science section, and poetry and drama, then got a little claustrophobic and seriously overwhelmed so decided to head out. I took a minute or two to look at the vintage book sets stacked high on the shelves behind the front desk where I spotted this little red set of Rudyard Kipling books. They were so gorgeous with their faded spines and still bright gold embossing, I decided they had to be way out of my price range so we left. While we walked down the hill back to Canary Row, Ron asked if there was anything I had wanted. I mentioned the set, and he told me we should go back in, I reluctantly decided to go in and ask the price. I hate doing things like this because:

a. I hate talking to people and asking questions
b. I would feel like an idiot if I couldn't afford them
c. I am the shyest girl on earth
d. eye contact is scary

But, I did it and am so glad I did! The guy couldn't find the price, and so he said he would call his boss, once I looked at them more I was so in love and basically willing to sell my soul to get them, so I told him to do it. Then a post-it with the price fell out of one of the books, I was so shocked because the set was only $45! The guy tried to tell me how his boss does research regarding price blah, blah... and before he could finish his sentence I agreed to buy them.

So we gave him our debit card and the books went into a brown paper bag all ready to go home with us. Looking through the books I found that they were from 1890! I seriously find myself randomly staring at them throughout the day. They have this magical way of reminding me of those few good days, and I get this happy deep-breath feeling for a second or two.

At the store I called them "the little red set of books", so it stuck, and that makes me happy too.

If you can't tell I have a huge thing for books, especially vintage ones. Our house is full of them and even if I don't read them right away (or ever), they give me the biggest thrill.

Confession: I haven't finished a book in maybe two years! I was a huge bookworm my whole life but due to my anxiety and depression I seem to have less concentration and get really nervous when I start reading. It is something I want to work on, and really frustrates me. I still read poetry from time to time, but novel finishing is out of my league (for now).

*Asterisk note (I love the word asterisk, it looks so weird written out, but is very fun to say...ok I will try to be less nerdy.) Anyway! I am horrible at responding to comments and I really do apologize for that. I am so shy that the idea of responding freaks me out, it is something I want to work on and I also want to interact more with you and your blogs. Just know I adore the things you say and it really means a lot to me, like gives me a big smile and makes me want to bake you a cake kind of meaning a lot. So yeah, thanks for all your notes!


  1. 1890?! That's incredible! I had a book from the 1800's… it was damaged in a crazy super bad storm a few years ago, though. I had it in storage in my grandparents' shed, and the sheds were destroyed in the storm, so a bunch of my books got ruined. I was, understandably, pretty devastated. I'm so happy you got your little red set of books for so little… and that you worked up the nerve to ask about them. Maybe this could be a helpful visualization in overcoming your anxiety? Like, when you want to run, think of the encounter as possibly ending in a (metaphorical) set of little red books. Just a thought that came to me.

    I'm currently reading through a set of books recommended and lent to my by my brother in law, the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. If you're into fiction at all, it's a good series to lose yourself in.

  2. I love the idea of using the books as a visualization for when I'm anxious! Thanks, doll, I love all your comments, they really encourage me, and you are so sweet!



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