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Shoes in goldenrod

This is so me! See even more mean kid notes here.

Hello Dears,

Things have been rough so I have not been in a blogging-emailing-tweeting-pinning-instagramming-texting-talking mood. I thought I would at least post a few things I have loved this week.

In this lull I have been planning a lot of home projects and watching BBC shows. Oh and puppy snuggles are the best. 75 pound Amelia lays in my lap sleeping most of the day. It's the cutest/sweetest/most comforting thing. I sewed some pretty fabric flowers to her collar this week. She is a doll!

I will write an honest post one of these days...mainly I've just been getting through, but I'm still here. 

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  1. I haven't been in much of a blogging mood either. Truthfully it doesn't seem like anyone is in one. I'm sending you good thoughts and vibes for a rough week. <3


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