"it stays pretty green"

a. Cricket on the sly

b. Our pretty Christmas tree

c. Perfect mug for Monday mornings

d. This book is awesome, love its design ideas

e. I've become quite addicted to Pinterest these days, you can follow me here

f. Made this clementine vanilla bean quick bread last week. It was harder to make than I thought but unbelievably good! It was more like a cake than a bread, and was perfect with vanilla ice cream.

g. Amelia being a cutie.


It's been a while...

I really haven't been feeling good, so the idea of taking photos or thinking of a post topic, let alone typing seems impossible. I'm doing my best though. Trying to get through.

I'm working on getting back on track, and hope to be feeling better soon and back here more often.

Until next time, happy Christmas and all those goodies.

xx, C

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I adore your notes! Please don't be shy! :)