bake time

Hello Darlings!

It's been a while but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. I really do think blogging is a positive in my life. It gets me planning posts, taking photographs, and connecting. So here's to blogging, this good and annoying and wonderful and annoying-good practice.

Last night we picked our Christmas tree. It's wonky, adorable, and just the right height. We kept it simple this year with white lights and only used the ornaments that meant something to us. Usually I add tinsel, or more decorative ornaments but I like this look. We need to get a tree topper as I decided I hated our old one. Once that is on I'll share some pictures.

I have a lot of holiday baking planned. I'm hoping I can make most of it. Above are pictures of last years baking. I seriously look like the host of a cooking show in some of these...except I'm in pajamas and have tattoos...oh, and I used way too much flour. ;)

Here is my baking list:

chocolate sugar cookies

lemon sugar cookies

sugar cookies

whiskey cinnamon rolls

five minute bourbon balls


I probably won't end up making all three sugar cookie recipes, but it's good to have back-ups. These recipes are all new to me as I have yet to find the perfect holiday recipes. Do you bake for the holidays? What are some of your must-bakes?

xx, C

Bonus: Here is a recipe for whiskey hot chocolate. Ronald and I had this last week and it is amazing and surprisingly easy to make. I'm spotting a whiskey trend here....cheers!


  1. I used to bake a LOT, but since we moved here I don't really have too many folks to bake for anymore. I miss that. My one absolute treat every year is my chocolate and toasted almond toffee. I've been serving it up for about ten years now and it's a winner. I am terrible with cookies though......love to eat them, can't make them to save my life!

  2. Hi Doll!

    Thanks for the note. You're toffee sounds wonderful!

    xx, C


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