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Happy weekend dearest!

So this year we almost put our house up for sale! That happened just a few weeks ago...I was so unhappy here. Our house is half renovated and a lot of the space just isn't working for us. After some soul searching we decided to keep the place. We have so much equity in this house, live close to family, and live in one of the prettiest and safest areas of the bay area. It would be really hard for us to find anything that compared, so we are here to stay.

But things are going to change around here, we are going to get stuff done this coming year and renovate the rest of the house. I'm looking for style inspiration as we are preparing to rework things. We have a lot of ideas we are noodling on (including adding an addition), so whenever I get a free moment I am on Pinterest looking for things I love. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love this sideboard with the white (maybe a little lavender/pink?) toned paint. I finally realized after looking at all my recent pins (and having my mother-in-law point it out), that I freaking love white painted rooms. I can't believe R and I painted more this year and I am now obsessed with white! I had thought about painting everything white before we got the paint for the rooms, but then I talked myself out of it. Maybe we will go all white, or maybe not. I know it wouldn't be fun to repaint everything (sorry R), but I want to love the house so if we needed to it would be worth it. If we went white, it would have to be bright white. None of this cream/muddy stuff they put in apartments.

I love this tub! It's super deep and the subway tile is awesome! I want a deep tub like this in our guest bathroom, and the tile on the walls is a great touch. The sink is cool too, but I would need a vanity style sink for storage.

More white and twinkle lights. I love the photos clothes-pinned on. I can't believe I've never seen this before!

This is one of the cutest prints ever! I love the mixture between ballerina (see her pointed toes!) and superhero. The colors are great too!

This is being made and put somewhere in our dining room. I love it! I became a mug collector this year and this means I can grow our collection even more! Again...sorry Ronald.

I'm working on giving our dining room more storage. I love these clean white shelves. I would mix and match kitchen wear with office storage like the magazine files above. 


What do you think? 

Next up I will share a few of my holiday decorating tips and ideas. I can't wait to pull all our holiday decor out (we have loads!) and get decorating!

talk soon!


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  1. It's funny how COMPLETELY different our decorating tastes are, but I respect how you pull things together and make them look so comfortable and cute. From what I've seen in the past of your home, it's a place that I would like to settle in and spend an afternoon with some tea and a good book. Wish I could come help you accomplish some of that stuff. Looks like fun!


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