Chicago, etcetera

Dear Loves,

Chicago was beautiful. I really wasn't expecting to stay in a hotel built in 1910, or to see so much amazing architecture. I walked around one afternoon with Ronald and the family and couldn't stop taking pictures. Unfortunately I also got huge blisters on the soles of my feet so the next day I wasn't able to explore the parks and gardens as I had planned.

I wasn't feeling great during the trip. I was already overly exhausted before we left so I kind of melted down much of the trip. I cried and slept, and then cried and slept, and oh, I ate Doritos. I spent a lot of time alone in our damn hotel room to the point that I began to resent it.

But now we are home, and I'm so proud of Ronald for getting an award. Plus, he looked super handsome in his suit, he is quite a handsome fella, and I wouldn't have missed it.

Now it's October. Which means candy corns, melt-away pumpkins, and decorating for halloween! I can't wait! And fall is so magical. I love it.

xx, C

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