number 10

Yesterday R and I celebrated our ten year anniversary! I'm so happy to be with such an amazing fella.
I still think he is completely amazing, and am so lucky to be his best friend. 

We have been (and still are) in the trenches together, fighting to survive and life a full life. I discovered this song recently and it seems to fit us so well. Every time I listen to it I get teary eyed. It gives me hope and reminds me that we have to keep going. 

Yesterday we went to dinner and got an ice cream cake with a rose design. We had ten candles and Ronald lit them and brought the cake into the living room. We blew the candles out together...and then the candles sparked and relit! I accidentally bought relit candles! It filled our house with smoke and we had to throw them in water to get them to stop lighting. It was pretty funny.

This morning we woke early and R made us mimosas. We sat outside on our backyard swing. It had rained most of the night and smelled wonderful outside. The pups cuddled us and there were birds fluttering through the trees and squirrels chattering like crazy. It was so nice.

Right now we are at Starbucks relaxing. Soon we will grab a little lunch, and tonight we are going to have a fire outside, make s'mores, and renew our vows. I'm having such a great time and my flare up has let up a bit so I'm actually feeling ok. I was even able to get dolled up.

I'm happy right now. With my honey, a strong cup of coffee, and madeleines. It's a good day.

xx, C

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