...and then somehow this happened

Hello Sweets!

It's been a while. I haven't been feeling bad physically and am overly exhausted to the point that I can't think clearly. I sort of forgot I even blogged for a while. Things have just been weird, I don't really know how to explain it all but my mind feels really off-kilter. 

Yesterday I saw a rheumatologist who actually listened to me and offered me some pain treatment! It was so great to be heard and to not be treated like I didn't understand my condition or like I was just wanting drugs. I'm going to be seeing her exclusively now for my fibromyalgia treatment and I couldn't be more pleased.

I bet you are wondering about the picture above. Well...I bit the bullet and ordered a whole new wardrobe. This is just a sampling of the things I ordered, so it's a bit nuts. I have spent my whole adult life wearing cheap shoes with thin cardboard soles. Due to this, I've developed plantar fasciitis, if you don't know what that is, it basically makes my feet hurt all the time, shoes or not, standing or not, and the pain is super intense. I have been looking for more supportive shoes for about a year now, but my feet are so sensitive it's been almost impossible to find any that work. 

I ordered eight pairs of good quality leather shoes online, and I am so happy to say that six pairs work! I have no idea how I could get that lucky, I seriously was just hoping that one or two would work.

I mostly ordered dresses, leggings, and sweaters. My hands cramp up so badly that buttoning jeans is difficult and causes me a lot of pain. It's also way easier to choose a dress and plain pair of leggings for me than jeans and a blouse. I usually reserve dresses for dates but now they will be my everyday wear. It will be so nice to feel dolled up even on my bad days.

I'm getting the dresses delivered today and am so hoping they work! Above are the links of the sites I shopped at. If you need a link to a specific item let me know.

In other news---I'm headed to Chicago this weekend. Ronald won an award so we are going for his ceremony, I think he even gets a trophy. I hope it's gaudy and has a horse on it, but I seriously doubt it.
I am a bit (a lot nervous) about the walking the airport and handling the flight with my pain being this bad. It's going to be hard because just sitting for a short time when I can't spread out makes me hurt. And I am like hyper-sensitive to cold air. I am on some new meds though so we'll see. I keep telling myself "it will be okay...it will be okay...it will be okay". 

And that's that. I seriously haven't been doing much for weeks now, I haven't even done chores. I miss having a life and feeling like Catherine. I'm hoping to feel better soon. I have so many things in the works in my noggin, I can't wait to actually make them real.

xx, C


  1. Those cross strap suede ones are gorgeous!!! Where from???

  2. All of the shoes are from 6pm. They have the best deals! Not sure which ones you were meaning, but here are the two I thought of.



    xx, C


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