Friday wrap up

The week in review:

1. I knocked over a metal sign at Starbucks. I was so embarrassed and almost started crying once I left. Yeah, I'm that silly.

2. One day this week it was 103! But it's been cooling down so nicely at night that I'm able to fall asleep next to our open bedroom window listening to the wind rustle the leaves of the huge tree in our front yard.

3. Our pumpkin patch is really growing. We have three pumpkins that are huge and ripening fast and one already off the vine resting on our dining room table. Don't ask how we have a pumpkin patch, we have no idea. We do know that for Halloween we are going to have the most sincere pumpkin patch so the Great Pumpkin will pay us a visit! ;)

4. I've been sitting out in the backyard some mornings. I love watching the dogs stare suspiciously at the squirrels walking the telephone wire, and how Amelia and Cricket run around like bandits. Also, Isabelle went to the groomer yesterday and looks smashing. 

5. We decorated our living room walls Saturday and I'm totally in love. I still have to do all the tabletop decoration and there is a ton of clutter, but I will post some pictures soon. One wall is a family wall. It has a picture of R and I, pictures of dogs that remind us of our pups, and some other art that portrays who we are and want to be.

6. I had a fibro flare up. It was pretty bad, and I'm still dealing with a lot of pain. Especially tension headaches and pain in my legs. I'm using peppermint aromatherapy oil and it actually helps relieve some of the tension.

7. I found out I have a UTI (I will use another acronym here: TMI...sorry). I've had it for weeks and just didn't realize it, I'm on strong antibiotics, and can't drink alcohol or eat anything dairy. Good thing I went to the market yesterday and stocked up on greek yogurt and cereal...whoops.

8. I've decided to transform our dining room into a sunny art studio. It will still be able to function as a dining room for a dinner party or if Ron and I want to have a little dinner for two. We will add the extra leaf to our round dining table and it will be nice to have space to spread out when I paint. I have an easel, and I'm going to move in a bookshelf to store stuff (possibly my bubble gum pink one from Ikea, which will look crazy cool against the mint walls), and I will change the curtains to my favorites which I happen to have an extra pair of. So excited! My plant collection is in that room on a table in the sun. Those plants are my babies so it will be nice to see them more often than when I just happen to walk in the room to let the dogs outside.

9. My therapist/psychiatrist wants me to start making and selling my art in some way. How cool is it to have a doctor that actually encourages me to be an artist?!?! I'm going to bring in a portfolio of some of the things I've made or ideas of things I want to make. I am super nervous to sell stuff, but I think I can challenge myself to make more things. I have so many ideas in my head, it's kind of nuts. I don't know if I can succeed at all the things I want to do, but I can try.

10. I've started planning our anniversary celebration. It's our ten year and we are going to go to the beach where we got engaged. We are going to renew our vows. I'm quite excited, and have a ton of ideas brewing. I'm also going to bake us a special cake. Not sure of the recipe yet, but should be fun.

How was your week?

Love, C


  1. You're going to renew your vows?!!?!? That is SO romantic!!! I love it!!!

    And selling your art!! That's awesome that they are encouraging you!! Get it girl!

    So shitty on the UTI. Those are the worst feeling in the world. Hope you get feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks Baylee!

      When we got married we read the standard vows. We really wanted to do something classic and that had a history. When we renew our vows though we are going to write them ourselves. Should be cool.

      Love, C

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  2. I swear we are long lost sisters. On Friday, my grocery cart snagged a shelf corner and I pulled down a display of potato chips! The cashier was nice and said it happens all the time, but I felt like a big goon.

    Having an art studio is so important, and even just listing your art on Etsy or eBay is a great ego-booster. I've only made 4 sales, but pulling up a search and seeing my art on a page along with other people's, well, it makes me say dang my stuff looks pretty good too! J worked his ass off to make our upstairs bonus room my art studio, and he is my hero for it. Go for it ladybug, you can do it!!

    J and I were married on a beach, our 10 year anniversary is around the corner and I've already told him that I want to go back there to celebrate. I've been looking at hotels already. When we were there last time, it was a short trip, only four days, and three of the days all the wedding party was with us. So, I want to go back and enjoy it alone with him. I hope you guys are able to work out your beach trip.

    1. I love that you have an art studio!

      Congrats on celebrating your 10 year! Going back to where you were married sounds awesome, especially since it's on the beach!

      We got married at a tiny park with a pond and willow trees and a ton of geese. The worst part was all the damn goose poop everywhere! :)

      We live in the same town the park is at now. It happened randomly, we are seriously about two miles away.

      Love, C

  3. Setting up an art studio is an awesome idea! I think having an art space in any home is very important! Can't wait to see photos of your newly decorated walls, your home is absolutely gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better and hope you have a peachy keen weekend!


    1. Thanks Remi! I am so excited about getting my art studio set up! I love your blog by the way!

      xx, C

  4. Oh you forgot the part where we became soulmate BFFs for life. And a UTI is never TMI. LMAO

    1. Oh my lordie, I can't believe I didn't mention our meet up! You are the best, wonderfulest, all good-thing-ist.

      Love, C

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