Some changes are happening in our little life. Nothing huge, but change nonetheless. Here is a list.

1. Ronald and I switched sides of the bed so I can snuggle up to him better while we watch a show before bed.

2. We painted our bedroom a pale minty blue. It looks awesome!

3. R and I also switched cars. I was using our Lexus SUV and he was driving a Chrysler 300. We talked about it yesterday and realized a switch would be smart as he teaches classes all over the bay area and often has to bring loads of equipment for the training so an SUV makes way more sense for him. For me, the Chrysler 300 has heated seats which helps my back pain a lot. The Chrysler 300 has so much power, it's insane. I still have to get used to driving it without being a speed monster.

4. We totally have a pumpkin patch in our backyard! One is already ripe and is sitting on our dining room table. We named him Butt-y because its shape seriously looks like a booty! I know we are very immature...We have three more pumpkins growing too! They should be ready for Halloween! We never planted pumpkin seeds, we don't water our lawn as it is all weeds, but somehow it just happened.

5. The end.

xoxox, C

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