anniversary gal

Ronald and I celebrate our ten year anniversary on September 20th! Pretty exciting if you ask me! We are going to the beach where we got engaged. The ocean is our favorite place, at least it's mine by far. I already have my outfit put together. I knew I wanted a floral crown for sure, and found this rose one that is perfect and fits my giant noggin just fine. Then I decided to go all out floral and colorful. That sweater is amazing! I haven't tried it all on together, but I'm pretty sure it will work. I am going to try it on this weekend, so excited! 

I also am getting a ukelele! It is being delivered Tuesday and I can't wait! I am going to learn a song to play for my sweet fella at the beach! He is going to play me a song on his guitar too. We are also going to have a bonfire and make smores. I have some little things I want to make like hand-held heart flags, and a little ten year flag to use as props in photos. I'm also going to bring a disposable camera as well as my DSLR. I am so giddy and just want to make things fun and cute.

We are debating what to do about gifts. The traditional gift is tin or aluminum, we are thinking of expanding it to anything made of metal. One idea I had was to get tattoos. A metal needle is used, and it goes into our skin which is kind of awesome and romantic. We both have a tattoo we want that represents something we want to be so it could be perfect. Only thing is, tattoos cost moneys-is and we aren't sure it's the right time. We'll see...

I'm going to make a cake to have at home. R and I make (or buy) cakes for basically every major holiday. Valentines, Halloween, Christmas, and of course our anniversary. Any excuse for cake is a wonderful thing. In fact, there is a cake on the kitchen island now that I made just because I felt like shit (and that shit is good!). Anyway, I'm searching for a recipe for our anniversary cake. Have looked online but haven't found anything I love so I need to find my cookbooks to get some inspiration.

Anyway, all this love stuff is very lovely, but I need to get on with my morning. ;)

Wishing my loves (that's you) a happy day, C

p.s. kind of hiding how shitty I feel with this post, but I guess that's ok, and there is only so many things I can say about feeling like shit anyway. 


  1. You would be such a fun wife! I love how you make cakes for everything. I also loveee when people do traditional wedding presents. That would be rad if you guys could get tattoos. After I have the babe Joe and I want to get day of the dead bride and groom. Me the groom and him get the bride.
    Hope you get feelin' better. But I'm excited for your guys' anniversary. 10 years is a God damn feat!

  2. I want to learn ukelele with you!!!

  3. I pop by and read from time to time... and just wanted to reach out with a big hug, a good look in the eyes, and a "you're absolutely beautiful." Let your heart shine bright and never fear being your truest self.

  4. Hi! I stumbled on your blog. Just wanted to say that your blog is awesome and happy (early) anniversary!!

    - April


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