10 things you don't know about me

I've been seeing this 10 things you don't know about me post going around on some of my favorite blogs so thought I'd give it a shot. Here goes...

1. I love bourbon. I like to drink it straight or in cocktails. Ronald makes infused bourbon and we create  our own cocktails. My alcohol runner up is gin. I probably have a drink twice a week if I'm lucky since it causes me to get a depressed mood sometimes so I'm really careful. I also have never ever been drunk.

2. I empathize a lot with people. Sometimes I can look at a stranger and see something in them, like sadness or hopelessness, and it makes me cry or want to cry. It's hard for me to think about or see people suffering, that's one reason I don't watch the news.

3. I love shoes but I have the most sensitive feet. R and I call them my "princess feet". This year my feet are more sensitive than ever due to fibromyalgia. I am always on the lookout for shoes that are comfortable. I have even tried orthotic shoes with no luck. I have a pair or two that are comfortable but they are so old they have holes in their sole! 

4. I consider myself a so-so cook. I only have a short list of things I make. I actually really like my cooking and consider it comfort food. I definitely am not a "from scratch" cook, I have never cooked a whole chicken, or made homemade pasta sauce. One of my favorite dishes to make is a veggie bake, but having the oven at 450° for an hour and a half is not a good idea in these hot summer days.

5. I have been taking a photo a day with the Project 365  app for almost two years. I rarely miss a day and I don't know how that happens...

6. I wear pajamas whenever I'm home, even if I know I'll be home for just a short time. I can't help it. I go out every day so I do put on makeup and get dressed, but as soon as I'm home I take my makeup off and throw on some sweat pants (I know!) and a tank top, or a maxi dress. I realized that Ronald never really sees me dressed and in makeup other than on the weekends! I try to wear a cute tank top, but don't know if that makes things any better.

7. I love home decorating and room planning. Whenever I am somewhere long enough to let my mind wander a bit I start planning how I would change the space. It doesn't matter if it's the doctors office, Starbucks, or another persons house--I re-design them all in my head. I can easily re-imagine a space or thing as my mind works visually. Most of the time what I picture in my head translates well to whatever it is I am working on. For example, in designing our house most of the way I see things working out in my head is the way things work out in reality.

8. I can't sing for the life of me, but when I'm driving alone I can't help but join in on certain songs. I have to turn the music up super loud because once I hear my voice being so off-key I get embarrassed!

9. I don't have a relationship with my parents. I haven't had any contact with them in years by my own choice. I didn't have a healthy childhood and my relationship with them was continuing to be unhealthy in my adult life so I decided to sever the relationship. I've been in therapy for over six years and I'm still dealing with my childhood pain. I don't regret cutting them out of my life, but I do wish I had parents who were supportive and loving.

10.  Ronald was my first boyfriend. Yesterday marked ten years of us being engaged, and our 10th wedding anniversary is in two months! We are definitely best friends. We joke around a lot and are both super easy-going. We are creatures of habit and home-bodies. We love to spend time with our pups and watch shows or movies together while eating too much watermelon. We still have problems like everyone else, but we make it work. We have tattoos of each others names. Mine is on the inside of my forearm and people often make comments about it and how bad that would be if we got divorced. That doesn't worry us though, we both believe that if we are each willing to change and get better for the other person then nothing can tear us apart.


Well, that's that! If you decide to join in, I'd love for you to share a link to your post!

xx, C


  1. I've only recently starting reading your blog, I love this post! It's such a fun idea. I think that's so adorable that you married your first boyfriend! Cute love stories make me feel like theres hope for the rest of us!

    Hope you have a peachy keen day!

  2. You've never been drunk!? That's badass! The other day one of my good friends told me she "thinks she got drunk" the other night. It cracked me up because I used to have quite the drinking problem.
    OMG your number 2. Same here. I love/hate that about myself. Right now with my hormones so crazy it's the worst. I will look at someone sometimes and I do just want to cry. I wonder what it is that made us that way. But I remember always having been like that.
    I too only wear jammies at home. And I never wear make up. I did get some baby lips yesterday though and it has a pink tinge. I decided I'm going to put it on every morning.
    I love that you and Ronald have each others names tattooed. Joe and I have each others names tattooed on our butts and got them 2 weeks after having known each other. Every one said that to us too about breaking up but I actually think they are good luck and always have. It sounds like you guys are the same way.
    I had fun reading this post!!


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