garden bunch (from the market)


mint sapling from a friend

crazy-eyed bird garden ornament

peony plant

Baby lemon. It's just a little bigger than a pea and so cute! We have a few on our tree, so excited!

this geranium will not die no matter how many times I overwater/forget to water it

morning Melia stretch


It's a five a.m. wake up kind of morning.

Going to the doctor due to an ear infection...I'm scared like a little girl.

Today I'm hoping to tidy my desk, clean the kitchen, and relax with a cup of tea.

Love, C


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    1. I love lemon trees too! Ours is a Meyer and we haven't even planted it yet! It is still in its original plastic bucket and is doing great! I think it was $20. Even more reason you should get one! ;)

      xx, C

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    1. I love those flowers and have no idea what they are! I've never seen them before this weekend...

  3. Love the little lemon and the crazy eyed cardinal! Hope your ear is better and your tea was fabulous!

    1. Thank you doll! I ended up not getting a chance for tea but am going to try today.

      Love, C


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