Tomorrow we are going to Monterey for two nights. I am so excited! We are staying at our favorite beach front hotel and are so happy to have some time by the water.

I adore the ocean. I lived in San Diego growing up and went to the beach a lot. Ronald proposed to me  at the beach and I always have thought that the ocean has a healing power for me. I feel so much calmer and able to think when I hear the roar of the waves and smell the slick salt air. Just thinking about it makes me so happy.

I do think there is a big difference between southern California beaches and northern California ones, and I like the northern California beaches much better. They are more wild and untouched (at least the ones we go to), the sand is usually more wet than dry due to the cooler climate, and there is more plant life around the beach itself. Plus thinking that there are some of the largest great white sharks in the deep water off our coast is exciting.

Anyway, I have yet to pack or do much of anything to get things ready other than write out a list. Oh well. I will get things together before we leave tomorrow.

I hope I get some clarity and direction while on our little get-away. Wish me luck!

xx, C

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  1. I hope you guys have fun!!!!! Joe and I are taking a road trip to N. Cali in June. I love n. cali. That is where I hope to live someday.


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