"to stop my shivers"

Cute little hedgehog and a pretty thrifted book. 

Up next: my crazy cranky gnome face (you have been warned!)

I look fucking awful but I don't really give a shit anymore. 
I don't know what to do about it. I don't even want to brush my teeth or shower these days.

My sleepy girls on our comfy mess-of-a-couch-nest.

I love this sparkly bunny. 

I hope I get the urge to paint again. It's been ages. I do love looking at my brushes though.

I know it looks like a bunny, but it's really a chickadee! -ok that was lame...
I love this! I got it at the grocery store and it chirps if you put it on your palm.
Isabelle loves it too, and ate one of it's eyes off! :(

Favorite nail polish at the moment. I want to put it on everything.

Little mushroom friends. No idea where I got these but I remember they were
expensive for what they were. Then one day I found a coupon
and went on a mushroom hunt.

Spinning top. Cutest thing ever! From Barnes and Noble of all places.

Box from one of my favorite perfumes from Anthropologie.
I love the box so much!

I bought this orchid at the grocery store and almost gave it 
to a lady putting her cart away. Then I felt silly and didn't.
I wonder if she needed it more than me that day?

Cautious and sly looking Cricket.

I de-cluttered and simplified our bedroom. 
The walls are a muddy green and we had dark grey curtains. 
It felt so dark and sad and just too much. So I added some color and edited a ton.

I put in white curtains with these vintage print sheer-ish ones from Urban Outfitters.
I love how it looks like old Miami.

Shelf above my nightstand with all my perfume and lotions. 
I'm trying to wear perfume more. I have a lot but I try to save it for special occasions
Which I think is silly. If I like the smell I should wear it just for me any time I want.

My beaded necklaces. My skin is so sensitive I can only wear gold-plated/sterling silver/or real gold necklaces, I have an allergic reaction to brass or other metals. I like all the color they add to the room.


Please don't be fooled into thinking my house is always clean. I'm very tactful in taking my pictures (notice how most are pointing toward the ceiling?). I would be mortified to have anyone over right now! The floors are seriously coated in fluffs of dog hair, the bathrooms are gross, the kitchen too, and it is so dusty and cluttered everywhere I look.  I just don't care about cleaning right now so this is how it is. Luckily, Ron is doing the laundry so we have some clean clothes (sweetie). I just don't want you all to have the impression that my house is perfect. ;)

Anyway, if you are reading this, I love you.


  1. Lol, I am the same way with my house. My boyfriend doesn't clean, like evvvvvvver, so I am always stuck doing it and I tend not to because I get caught up in other things. That hedgehog is SO cute!!
    ♥ Emma Deer

  2. You certainly have a lot of beautiful things to your name! I know that having a soothing environment can be emotionally soothing, but for some reason I never tried it.

    Thank you for your support on my recent posts. I'm sorry you can relate to some of my feelings, but it's nice to know we can be of support to one another. Keep on hanging on, Catherine!

    Be well,

  3. I like that pic of you. I think you look cute!
    The sparkly bunny is awesome!!
    I love the pic of the girls!
    I'm learning Barnes and Noble actually has some awesome stuff. I want pretty much all of their journals.
    Nice work on the orchid!!! SO many blooms!!!! I just got a new white one.. I haven't named it yet. I name all my orchids but not other plants LOL. The one Joe got me on our third date is Venus, the one he got me for my bday last year is Saturn and a random yellow one he got me is Easter.

    That really does look like old Miami!! You finally put a name to the style I'm always trying to describe as what I want my house to be like! I like boho and old miami!! Finally I know the name!!!


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