some good

Things are rough, but there is always some good muddled in each day.

Circket and I sitting next to each other.

Isabelle and Cricket being buddies at bedtime.

Amelia and Cricket waiting patiently for a treat.

Isabelle begging for a treat with her crazy face! 

Gloomy little flower.

Going to the market for fruits and veggies (yum!).

New votive holders for the house.

Weekly flower arranging.


Another good is the amazing weather we are having. Seriously it is so perfect out! Bright and cloudless,   upper 60s low 70s. The trees and flowers are bustling open, and new types of fresh-cut flowers are showing up at the market. The hills around us are bright green, and soon the whole neighborhood is going to be bursting at the seams with greenery and all the colors of the earth.

xx, C


  1. These pictures made me smile...Pain is hard...so thankful for cuddly puppies =) I have a terrier mix...he is my best friend ...have a wonderful day! ( was just bloghopping by)

  2. Naww your doggies are beautiful!! My wolfhound is receiving an awful lot of hugs from me atm too! xoxoox


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