birthday and such

My very sad post-concussion-ouch face. The pain has been horrible. It's a type of headache I've never had before. Kind of like a migraine but it comes and goes sometimes within seconds or minutes. I am super-sensitive to light, to the point that I have to wear sunglasses inside, and an eye mask at night.  It's been almost a week, but the pain can last up to a month! I hope it doesn't!

My coping plan: orange essence seltzer water, candles, Vertigo, and flowers.

Bunting heart banner I made for my cake. The cake is yummy! It's almost flourless so kind of dense but still really moist, which is nice. The frosting is homemade vanilla buttercream dyed with pink food coloring, it's super bright! I wanted a pale pink but got kind of crazy with the dye. I will definitely make the cake again, and may try chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream for the frosting.

Ronald made cinnamon-apple infused bourbon. It was so easy and tastes amazing! If you would like the recipe let me know! He made me a cinnamon-apple and honey hot toddie to help my achey noggin. 

I trimmed my bangs a few inches and love them. They were really long and side-swept before but this look is a little more fun. I wore a lot of beads, a new polka-dot dress, long lavender sweater, with little pink shoes for my birthday date with Ronald yesterday. 

We went out to a restaurant that has amazing cocktails, and a good gluten-free menu. We had old-fashionds with bourbon. They were yummy! 

They give you cotton-candy with your check, it was so yummy!


For my gift Ronald let me pick out a record player! I love the one I found (pictured below). We also picked up some records at a used bookstore. We got Count Basie, The Rolling Stones, Doris Day, and Miles Davis. I am so in love with it! I also have some old records from when I was a kid that I can't wait to dig out and listen to again.


  1. Nice job Ronald on the record player!! My Dad got me a new one for Christmas that I've been waiting until we move to set up. I can't wait! that's this week!

    Your hair looks fabulous!!! It looks so cute. I love all the necklaces too.

  2. I love your new haircut! You look lovely!

  3. Your haircut it adorable!!!

    I LOVE VERTIGO! Very cool.


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