Find of the week-month-year

So I happened on this concrete bust at a discount store today. It's heavy, and weathered, and gorgeous. I fell in love the minute I saw it and was willing to pay a pretty penny for it. I looked at the price tag and it was $16.99. I took a double take and was so shocked that it was that inexpensive!

This little Cricket was totally terrified of it when I first set it out. I think she thought it was a real person. I laid it on its side on the floor and let her bark at it until she got over it. She still looks at it suspiciously...

this is what she saw when I first set it out, I don't blame her for being afraid, it looks like a person is looking in from outside!

This has to be the find of the month at least. I'm so happy I found her!

What have you been finding?

xx, C


  1. Love this! So pretty. Great find :]

  2. That's so pretty! My dogs are scared of silly stuff like that too.

  3. Love that bust and what a good price!
    Apart from cheap wrapping paper ahah, I haven't found anything good lately. But then, I haven't been going anywhere. ;)

  4. Thanks ladies, I am so excited about it!


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