It's been a pretty quiet birthday around here. Ronald had to teach this morning and evening so he stopped in for a quick lunch and then he was back to work. We got two gluten-free cupcakes from a bakery to share so that was fun. He is still working but should be home in about an hour.

I miss R a lot and feel really lonely. It seems like things have been so busy we hardly have time together these days. With my concussion, I couldn't drive or do much of anything today. So I just rested. I wanted to bake my birthday cake but didn't feel up to it. Hopefully I will be able to tomorrow.

I am a little blue as next week Ronald starts this big work project that happens every year and lasts for a month. He has to work most weekends and 16 hour days. So I will have a lot of time to myself and I just hope my mood cooperates so I can get through it alright. I guess I am just a bit nervous about it and how I'll hold up.

I still have a headache from my concussion, I also have lightheadedness, a very bruised forehead, and I'm really tired.

The pups have been super snuggly today which is cute. :) I think they sense when I don't feel good.

Saturday R and I are going on a birthday date. Should be nice.

Sorry to be sort of blue today. I am kind of ok with being 29, and am so happy to have three adorable pups to cuddle, and a very lovely freckle-faced husband. :)

xx, C

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  1. That sucks Ronald has to work so much. I couldn't handle it I don't think if Joe had to work that much.
    I hope your date on Saturday is a blast! Whiskey sours? ;)


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