I have a closet disaster on my hands. It has been at least six months since I've cleaned out my double doored clothes closet. I am not neat with clothes, there is a huge pile of clothes on the floor in the closet (I mean a several feet deep pile!), and all my shoes are underneath. It's at the point where I can only find two matching pairs of shoes and have been wearing those for two months. I miss my shoes and am sure I have lost my memory as to what shoes I have and some of my clothes!

So today is the big clean out day. I am already anxious about it as cleaning up messes overwhelms me, but I can do it.

This is usually not how I operate. I do make a mess of my closet, but clean it every few weeks. I guess depression even messes with my fashionable side. ;)

xx, C


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a problem finding 2 matching shoes sometimes! =)

  2. Good luck!! I need to clean out my poor closet too :(


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