Today is the third day of Ronald being out of town. He is in Pennsylvania and I miss him a whole horrible lot. Luckily, he will be home tonight!

I find it especially hard to sleep when he is gone. Even though Amelia our black lab lays on his side of the bed, it still feels cold.

I'm hoping to get some chores done today. I'm almost out of clothes due to not doing laundry. Sometimes it's hard to be a grown up, even with simple things.

I'm feeling very failure-ish this morning, unmotivated, and lonely. At least I have three of the cutest/sweetest dogs to keep me company. And the expectation of seeing him tonight helps too. :)

xx, C


  1. We are both glad our boys are home....

  2. By the time I read this he's home! Yay! I like how you can see your tatts in that pic!


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