I don't think I am going to dress up for Halloween. My whole life I have only dressed up three times for Halloween. As a child we weren't allowed to celebrate the holiday*, and now that I'm twenty-eight dressing up seems kind of silly.

So this Halloween R and I are going to go get cocktails and then come home and watch a horror movie or two, and eat Halloween cake (which I will bake that morning). Should be fun.

If I were to dress up I would be a kitty cat, or a circus character (not a clown), or a zombie bride.


*instead of celebrating halloween as a child, I would be sent to church and watch a "documentary" (the same every year) about how devil worshipers abducted children and sacrificed them on halloween. Crazy right? (Just one snippet of my wacky childhood).


  1. I always want to dress up. Even if I'm just at home LOL. But I dont think I have an outfit this year.. I was a cat last year!!
    Zombie bride would be awesome!!!
    Your Halloween night sounds like a blast.

  2. Dang, your halloweens growing up don't sound fun at all!!
    I like what you're planning to do on Halloween. That sounds fun.

  3. Haha I had the same wacky childhood, except that was my school 5 days a week. I haven't been into dressing up since I was a kid but that's just me. Love your blog! Newest follower over here :)


    1. Thanks for following my blog dear! I followed yours too.

      xx, C

  4. I never have a reason to dress up for Halloween. I like to just stay at home and watch horror movies too. I can't wait to see your Halloween cake!

  5. Thanks everyone. You are all sweet!


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