Our ninth anniversary is coming up on the 20th of this month! We like to do the traditional anniversary gifts, and this year it is ceramic. So we have decided to get each other coffee mugs. We are going to pick them out together. Above are the ones we are thinking of getting.

Not sure what we will do for our anniversary, but I'm thinking of going to the beach. I especially want to go get a chocolate soufflé together. That sounds lovely!

I'm at work today. I really wanted to stay home in bed as I am a bit sick and have to be put on antibiotics. :( But since I am not contagious or anything I decided to get out of the house. So here we go...

xx, C


  1. Aww, that's awesome. I love the Queen mug, so cute. I hope you feel better soon.

    ♥ Em

  2. Our 5 year anniversary is on the 22nd! I'm not sure what we are doing either. Chocolate souffle sounds pretty darn good though. I hope you feel better!!!

    1. Wow congrats on five years! Funny our anniversaries are so close! :)

      xx, C

  3. Congrats! Those mugs are darling!Feel better kk?!


  4. I love that idea. 9 years! God damn! Congrats you guys!
    FEEL BETTER!!! Sending you virtual soup, hug, bed, book.


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