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Here are some of my recent finds. These all turned up while I wasn't really looking to buy any clothes or goodies, but I really couldn't pass them up. 

When I go shopping I grab everything I like and then decide later what to actually buy. I am completely averse to dressing rooms so never try anything on. I do have a good idea of what will work on me and return things rarely. I only wear cotton or rayon fabrics, which makes it hard for me to find things I like since so many clothes are made with spandex or polyester. It works for me though and I feel most comfortable in those fabrics.

I used to go on shopping excursions where I had a list of what I needed and tried to buy everything at once. This made me super stressed when I couldn't find what I was looking for. So what I do now is keep an eye out for things I am looking for whenever I go out and am in the market to spend money on clothes. This also makes it so I can get really good deals, since I can wait for the sale price and don't need the item right away. 

When I am in the market to buy clothes I look at the Target sales section once a week. It's amazing how many new things they put on clearance each week. I also wait for things to go on sale even if there is something I really love. I keep an eye online once a week, making shopping lists and getting fashion ideas. I rarely buy the stuff online but it gives me outfit ideas and inspiration.

I rarely spend over $30 on a single clothes item. Usually my clothes range between ten and twenty-four dollars each. That's kind of my limit and I'm ok with that. 

I would love to shop at places like Mod Cloth but the prices are too high for me, even though sometimes I have the money I just can't justify spending $80 or more on an item (maybe that's why my wedding dress was found on clearance for $20!). I still look on the sites longingly because they give me lots of styling ideas.

Sometimes I wish I was more trendy. I want to look like the vintage styled bloggers out there, I want pink hair, I want to wear eyeliner and look like a tough girl with my tattoos, etc. But then I realize that isn't me. I hate eyeliner, I love my black hair and old lady crop, I wear skinny jeans most days with a blouse and a bow in my hair. I'm not over the top but I'm not underdone either. I'm just me and that's ok. 

Really Catherine, it is ok to be you. 

What a relief. :)

xx, C


  1. I'm with you on this. I really wish I could buy most of the stuff on ModCloth, but I'm a sale-rack-at-Target kind of girl too. And you're just awesome being you. =)

  2. I agree with Karen on this one! You are awesome already! Also, I am way too broke to spend that kind of money on clothes or shoes or bags. Besides, the best clothes are those clearance deals and thrift scores. (I lovvve Target) I rarely even spend $10 on a piece of clothing.

  3. haha. I feel ya. I love the vintage styled bloggers as well but eh, I am more a nerdy Tshirt and jeans [or cargo capris from Target lol] kind of girl. I do have some hella cute pin-up style dresses that I wear on special occasions and a few others I just wear randomly. I just feel overly dressed when I go to some random store all dolled up.

    Annnnnddd..I just wish I could read the back of my head better, for I would totally have an array of color in my hair at all times if I could!! I normally just have random bits of color in random places. It has been black for far too long.

  4. Thanks Gals. I think it is way better to be ourselves than try to be like anyone else. I know that is overstated but sometimes even though I know it in my head, I don't know it in my heart. :)


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