sorry the frames are crooked but you get the idea of how the banner fits in.
Thanks for all the feedback on the phrase for the banner. The consensus was "say cheers" and since it's in our dining room I thought that would be super cute.

It's not perfect or fancy but I like the bit of sparkle it adds and that it cost about $2 to make when buying one on etsy is $20 at least.

How do you keep your frames from staying straight on the walls? I have so much trouble with that on our art wall since our garage door is next to it and closes hard which makes the frames go crooked. I'm thinking of hanging some of those tiny felt chair pads between the frame and the wall to see if that gives them some leverage. any other ideas?

I am sort of smitten with my house these days. I have been doing a lot of organizing and just love how cozy it feels, the paint colors, the decorations, and our gorgeous kitchen. Some days I can't believe that I created this atmosphere. Things just came together so well and I'm so happy about that. it's crazy to remember how it used to look and how it looks now. Such a change and I am so excited to live in this little lovely adorable house.

FYI-the low calorie cookie recipe I just made turned out awful. I thought it would be good and was looking for something a little healthier. They took two hours to make and taste like cinnamon-sugar pie crust. Only problem is they leave a gross salty/sour taste in your mouth after you eat one. They called for a little cream cheese instead of eggs and I think that gives it a bitter flavor. Ewww.

xx, C

p.s.- stay tuned tomorrow for a link to a guest post I did on creativity!


  1. Oooo! Damn, you made that fast! It looks great!
    Bummer on your cookies. Low cal doesn't sound good though.

    1. It was super easy to make as the letters were already glittered, so I just had to attach them to the string. :) Yes, low calorie desserts aren't my friend. ;)

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Cute banner!! And good for you with all the organizing you have done! I am not surprised that your house "just came together" as you are quite talented at decorating and accessorizing.

    Have you tried a dab of poster putty behind the bottom edge of your frames? (We had the same problem in our Dublin house.)

    1. Thanks Sally!

      Poster putty is a great idea! I will try that!

      love, C

  3. This is adorable, love this! All your talk about organizing and decorating and loving your house gets me really excited to start moving into my new house!

  4. That banner is too cute. I'm totally smitten with your house too. =)

  5. That is adorbz. Love it.

    I was going to suggest poster putty as well. That is what I put on a frame arrangement I made a long time ago. It had like 12 5x7 frames in a rectangle. Was a pain to get them aligned. ahah.


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