30 things

things to do, ways to improve as a human

1. be more self-reliant

2. keep a daily journal

3. write when I feel like it, no pressure to write constantly

4. write true words, write the bare bones, no fluff, no lies

5. ask these questions when deciding what I want
       Is it really going to happen?

Do I want it?

Is it healthy?

Is it based on obligation?

Who is in control?

Will it enrich my life?

Will it get me to my goals?

6. set simple and achievable life goals to get momentum
7. read at nights, read poetry twice a week

8. stick to who I am, stick to what I want
9.it’s okay to be/do whatever I want, even if society or people around me don’t like it

10. learn to make bread from scratch

11. paint for god’s sake

12. sketch and write out inspiring words, fill a notebook with inspiring quotes and ideas

13. try a new recipe twice a month

14. take care of me, wear clothes that make me feel expressed and happy

15. don’t do anything that causes me to lose sight of my identity or convictions

16. shop less, instead stay home, go to a coffee shop to write, or a park to take pictures

17. work on the newsletter even when I feel shy or pressured with a deadline, I can do 

18. don’t avoid things because they are hard

19. express my feelings even when it isn’t easy

20. talk to Ronald when I want, ask for his undivided attention when I need it

21. reply to comments more regularly, comment on new blogs

22. let go of the belief that people are judging me and that their judgement matters

23. slow down when I get overwhelmed and don’t avoid activities that overwhelm me

24. it’s ok to be scared and not know what I want in my life

25. don’t let fear paralyze me, keep going even when it is scary

26. remember how much I have fought to get here, don’t write off my struggles because  
       they aren’t normal, they are real and legitimate

27. be brave, let go of jealousy

28. be an individual, don’t worry about blending in, it isn’t worth it

29. it’s not okay to sacrifice who I am for others

30. let go of what truly does not matter


  1. I need to do this: "27. be brave, let go of jealousy"
    Well I need to do a lot of things on your list but that one sticks out the most.
    I like this

  2. Yeah, that one was hard for me to write out and something I need to be working on.

    xx, C


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