Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my last post. You all are awesome!

We are headed home today. It has been a good trip, but it is time to get back to real life. I have been tummy sick since last night so it was a weird fourth of July/last night in Vegas. Oh well.

It will be nice to get home, see the cutie pups, enjoy our little lovely house, and get into my routine again.

I miss cooking, and fresh flowers, and I'm sure my cherry tomato plant is in need of some water. I also miss eating spinach salad (which we have most nights at home), oatmeal for breakfast, and our super-cozy bed.

Anyway my dears, it is almost time to head to the airport. So here we go and wish me luck. :)

xx, C

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  1. Did they do anything cool in Vegas for the 4th? That sucks you were sick!!!! It always feels good tome come home. Have a good trip!


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