Here is my cozy mess of a quilt that I am currently bundled in. I have been sick so the blog has been really quiet these days. I'm feeling so exhausted (I can hardly stand at times), and I'm dizzy and nauseas (not pregnant). This has been going on for three weeks in a subtle way. I first though it was stress or depression but it's getting worse. So much so that yesterday I couldn't even drive.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor and had a bunch of lab work done, so far it has all come back normal. Of course I cried during my doctor appointment because he had me stand up to take my blood pressure and I almost fainted. I hate not knowing what is happening but knowing something is wrong.

So the doctor told me to rest and stay hydrated for a few days and just see how I do. I guess it's a mystery as to what exactly is going on. We'll see what happens...

Love, C


  1. Take it easy and get some rest. Hope you feel better soon! /hugs

  2. Aw man!!! I hope you're ok!!!! Sending you healing vibes!!! <3


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