Blogging has always been a safe thing for me, something I wanted to do every day to connect and feel like I have a voice. Lately though, the blog-bug seems to be escaping me and I really don't want to say anything. I don't know if this is the depression or self-consciousness or if I am legitimately growing past this.

I feel like my blog is just another place to talk about how shitty depression is. I don't know if that helps anyone, I don't know if that helps or serves me in any way.

I might take a break or I might continue to blog, I just am not sure yet. But I am definitely going to release the pressure that I feel about becoming a successful blogger. I don't know if that is what I want right now or ever. But I also don't know if that is defeatist as right now all I really want to do is live in a tunnel. ;)

Today I just don't see a point to this. I don't see a point to much of anything these days. The edges get blurred and I am left wondering why in the hell am I doing what I'm doing.

So if it's quiet around here for a bit, you know why. Who knows though, I may feel like blogging tomorrow. We'll just wait and see.

xx, C

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I've spent my entire morning doing stuff for my blog, and for what? Yeah I enjoy doing it, but it's starting to feel pointless. I have a feeling that when school starts in August, I won't be able to keep it up.
    Just know that your blog has helped people though. I know it's helped me, but that's no reason to keep it up if you just aren't feeling it anymore.


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