Things to know if you want to be my BFF

I got the idea for this post from the lovely Caitlin of To Make Love Stay. Here is a list of things you should know if you want to be my best friend or any type of friend for that matter.

1.) Even though I have depression and a lot of ups and downs, I will be there for you always. Even on my worst days if you really need me I will drop everything and pull myself together to be there for you.

2.) I buy little goodies for my friends as they are always on my mind and I often see things I think they would like. I don't expect to get gifts in return, just enjoy doing this purely to see my friends smile.

3.) I have a sense of fairness in my friendships. If I am not treated in a way I think it fair or if you don't follow through with something you said you would do I hold a grudge and withdraw. This isn't a good habit and I am working on speaking up when I feel wronged instead of holding it in.

4.) I don't really talk about how I'm doing unless you ask me and show genuine concern. I am way more honest on my blog than I am with most of my friends as to how I am feeling. This makes me a little sad, but I don't like crying in front of anyone and I like to act put together all the time.

5.) I will feel self-conscious around you no matter what. I never feel like I fit in or look good, and I will compare myself to you constantly. I get a little jealous but know that is my issue and won't take it out on you.

6.) I am very afraid of losing you as a friend to the point that it gives me anxiety. Each friendship I have is precious to me and I am afraid that once you really get to know me you will leave.

Whoa, that's a lot of honesty. I don't always think of these things so to write them down was interesting.

If you follow along and do a BFF post, please leave a comment with a link. :)

xx, C


  1. I really enjoy this post. I havent posted my own but I think that its genuine and sincere that in your darkest times you are always there.



  2. You sound like a nice friend to have around. :) x N

  3. That is a good list and your friends are so lucky to have you, that is for sure :). I personally feel let down by my friends, some of them are ex friends :( It is a long story but when I was living in London and holding a well-paid job as a translator in a big international company, my house was open to all "my friends". I cooked for them, I invited them for weekends, I listened to their trivial problems over the phone for hours (some of them were the same but still I listened), I never let any of them down even when I was sick or whatever; I helped with my time and money. Anyway, then things changed and I left my job ( I guess it was a bad decision) and I couldnt afford keeping the house, etc, etc and most of those "friends" let me down big time. Some of them just didnt want to know about any of my problems and struggles. It was a big shock to me and now in my new adopted country, Italy, Im very apprehensive to start making new friends and getting really close to people. The bitter taste of fair weather friends is still in my mouth and it will take a long long time before i can trust again and be myself, as I believe so much in friendship, more than family or relationships because one doesnt chose his/her family.


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