craft time


Hello my dears! I'm sitting in the lobby of our hotel, sitting at a table, listening to the horrible smooth jazz that is playing (maybe I should put my headphones in...). Ok now I'm listening to much better music. Hooray for iTunes.

Yesterday afternoon I did a pinch of crafting. I wrote some lists about life, journaled and watercolored just a bit. I think my favorite part was taking pictures of the small colored pencils I bought at Target before we left. The colors are dreamy, don't you think?

Love, C


  1. Your colored pencils are too cute!!! That's exactly why I don't let myself go to Target too much. They have way too much cute stuff.

  2. amazing colours in this photography, you really caught them well!

    Georgi at 7wonders xx


  3. The watercolors look great! I wish I had the time to make my journal like that, I'm often just able to draw a bit and maybe add some color with crayons.


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