Mother's day

My mother-in-law Laura is awesome. She has helped me through some of the hardest points in my life, and is always there to encourage me. She is so much fun and we get in a lot of trouble together (especially when we go shopping!), we are good friends and that is more than I could ever ask for!

Things I love about Laura:

She is easy going
She is a very hard worker
She is a caretaker and always is there to help others before herself
She has a great fashion sense
She plays the violin in an orchestra and is very musical
She's a great cook
She is so funny
She is always there, no matter what
She loves to garden, and teaches me about flowers and plants often (so fun!)
She raised an awesome son (my R)
She loves animals, even our crazy dogs :)

I am so excited to go spend the day with her!

Love you Laura! And love to all the mother's out there!

xx, C


  1. Having a great mother in-law is awesome. I know because I have a wonderful one too!

  2. That is wonderful you like your mother in law so much. I know so many people that don't get along with their in laws so count yourself very lucky :)

  3. Yeah I am super lucky. So happy to have her in my life!

    Love, C


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