Creative Thursday Vol. 3

Here is the jewelry I picked for our trip to Hawaii. What do you think? I like the sparkle and how I have a lot of things in the same color family but still have a few pops of other colors.

Sorry these pictures have horrible light. Its cloudy here and when I turned on lights around the house it made things look worse (yeah, not so good at lighting pictures...).

I love jewelry. I only wear maybe two pieces at a time but want to start layering more. I think I will try that on this trip.

I usually get my jewelry at Target (I love that they have nickel free earrings), Old Navy, or Forever 21 (such good prices!).

One thing is I can't wear brass or cheap metals around my neck or in my ears. I get a rash. So it has to be gold plated or a better quality metal. Its such a bummer because I love the look of brass and so many things are made from that material these days.

Its weird but I can tell if things have brass in it by the smell, it has a really tin-y weird smell to it. So sometimes I will be in the jewelry section and put the piece I want up to my nose to check the smell if it doesn't say what it is made of. Its so embarrassing, and I'm sure people think I am nuts, but I would rather look silly than buy something that will give me a boo-boo. Ok enough embarrassing stuff...

The diamond pendant is a Christmas gift from R and I adore it. I wear it every day. I love how it is simple and sort of understated.


Picture 1.

Silver star clip- Target kids section

Diamond pendant- Shane Co. 

Charm necklace- Juicy Couture 

Picture 2.

Pearls and turquoise ring- JCPenney

Earrings and green beaded bracelet- Target

Turquoise leather bracelet- Target

Picture 3.

Star earrings- Forever 21

Pink and orange tone earring set- Old Navy

All other earrings- Target

Picture 4. 

Vintage inspired jeweled bracelet- boutique near my house

Black ring- gift I received when I was a little girl from Brazil

Feather hair clip- Target

Rope nautical bracelet- Old Navy

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  1. I love everything you picked out! You shop at the same places I do. That turquoise leather bracelet from Target is amazing. I love that little star clip too!


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