"make the hardest things seem easy"

I'm still a bit under the weather. Really, I am getting tired of talking about it. But there it is bright and bold and factual.

I'm at a coffee shop with sweet R before my therapy appointment. I feel like a bit of a cranky monster, but am trying to be forward thinking, brave, and myself.

I'm getting a bit depressed from being so home-ridden and non-life-living. I miss everything. Especially missing: Painting, cooking, having deep conversations with R (for some reason I am blank), and spending time with friends.

I feel like right when I got my life together (really it was together for a week or two) it all fell apart. Fell apart so badly that I am a bit devastated by it and think I can never get back on track.

Ah well, and ah me, and here is a poem to leave you with.


The tick-tock rumble of the clock

Tells me you are not here. That I am still here.

In a trapped cocoon status, in a pink and lovely

Hiatus, from all things living, beside two barks.

I rest in our hideaway, waiting for you.


Love, C


  1. I am totally feeling you. I've been sick all week and it sucks!!! It's so depressing not being able to do stuff. I say next week we need both need to get better and get back on track. =)

  2. I was just thinking of you. Catching up over coffee. Looking at the sky and thinking how I would still like to do what I said with your words. And then I saw this, and thought I would still, very much, like to do what I said...

    I haven't forgotten. Watch this space.

    Much love,

    xxx N

  3. Thanks Quiet Owl! I hope you feel better soon!

    Nic, I would love for you to use my words, email me when you get an idea or if you need anything.

    xx, C


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