I found a new app for my iPhone that I'm absolutely in love with. Its called Hipstamatic D-series and its free! Its basically disposable cameras where you can't see your shots until you take the whole roll of film (twenty-four photos), which makes it fun and exciting. Plus, I love the tinge of vintage coloring these pictures have.

I'm starting to get over my cold/flu/whatever-it-was. I'm not anywhere near 100% but getting there. Today I get to go on a little lunch date with R. I am so excited to get dressed in regular clothes and to wear makeup and do my hair! Its weird the things I miss when I'm sick.

Yesterday I did venture to Target in my pjs and for some reason I bought nine sharpie pens (in two packs). I love them, but have no idea why I thought I needed them. I kind of love shopping for pens and other misc. school/journaling/craft supplies.

Anyway, now I am rambling.

Love, C

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