a good egg

I'm still quite awfully sick (fevers and all). I have been resting in fits, unhappy with it and uncomfortable. Not fun. But its Easter and thats a good excuse to do things in spite of being sick right?

So here I am rushing about our muddled house cleaning and setting up my desk in the living room. I am a lucky champ as R got the wild idea to move this huge heavy dining table turned desk from one of our cramped bedrooms into the living room before we went to bed last night. I have to admit, it looks pretty awesome and I feel much more well spread and cozy out here.

I also appreciate the fact that I am right next to all our alcohol shelves pictured below (yeah, we are kind of whiskey fiends). This adds an aura of troubled-creative to my identity. ;)

We are going to the in-laws for some barbecue today. I requested sangria which is just what a sick-heart-sniffle-girl needs.

Happy day friends. Eat those chocolate bunnies quick.

xx, C


  1. I love your pink clock and your whiskey collection. Your office is awesome! I hope you get over that nasty bug soon and start feeling better!

  2. Feel better soon, sweet C. xx P


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