"your hopes are getting slender"

R and I are going to set up tattoo appointments! We are both wanting to get two eventually but may not have the budget for everything we want so we'll see. For our first tattoos R is going to get a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln on the inside of his upper arm and I am going to get a tattoo across my chest, not sure if I want to tell you all what it is yet...I might reveal that later. The weird thing is it came to me in a dream last night, kind of funny how its possible to have a brilliant idea even in sleep!

For our second tattoos R wants this really cool Civil War era drawing of a devil holding a barrel of whiskey and I want a quill on my forearm with a banner through it that says "In the Summer air" which is a lyric from my favorite song but the meaning is that this Summer was the first Summer I had without depression, which is a pretty big deal.

Right now we are at a coffee shop and R is hard at work while I play around on my computer and listen to Nina Simone.

xx, C

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