I wrote out some of my poetry on my drawings before I got out the watercolors. I really like the way they turned out. I could only do four as the last one pictured was really hard for me. Its a poem I wrote while I was in deep depression and for some reason writing it out and painting over it made me feel a bit raw inside. I was thinking its interesting combining these sort of fun child-like paintings with so many intense grown-up words. I'm hoping I can somehow capture that bittersweetness that tinges the periphery of our lives like the thin textured sides of a coin.

I really like the note on the first painting. It says-- "I love you because: you have freckles. You are easy going like a slow song. You have a passion that beats more than mine." ('passion that beats' meaning like a heartbeat). I wrote that about R last year, and it still is so true.

xx, C

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